Robert Huber founded his graphic design studio in 2012 in Lausanne. Working for cultural, institutional and commercial clients, the practice includes both personal type design projects as well as bespoke type design for various clients. Collaborations with external designers and art directors have been part of the studio’s approach from the very beginning. Huber is currently teaching typography and type design at ECAL/University of Art and Design in Lausanne. He has been previously awarded with the German Design Award (2015), Most Beautiful Swiss Books (2013,2014) and the Swiss Design Award (2014).

How does design change life ?

It can lead to enhanced positive perception and experiences.

Is design always interdisciplinary?

I would say its both. Many processes might be interdisciplinary, but there are also moments where the focus is on your very own skills and intentions. But a total monodisciplinary process seems rare these days.

When does design reach its limits?

It just reaches its limits when it is not doing what it is intended to. For example, when it gets unreadable where readability is necessary. Or useless where usefulness is intended. Or unnoticed where attention is the goal. Or ugly when beauty is desired.

Must design create something new?

Design should offer those „new“ moments, where you look at, consume or experience something and you immediately have that positive impression of „unexperienced before“. In the field of type design, I am personally not interested to invent a new technology, but I can try to offer new possibilities to form letters that shape content as words and text. So it is more an aesthetical and functional question which then should lead to a solution offering more individual choice and diversity. The work I will present will hopefully being used as part of something, that in its best case provoques a positive perception.

Is good design invisible?

Good designs are original, honest and conclusive forms, paired with satisfying experiences. The degree between visibility and invisibility – defining something as good or bad design – can definately not be generalized.